Memorial Day 2021

Published on May 31, 2021 at 7:21 pm

More stuff!!!

Published on January 25, 2021 at 5:08 pm

Like I haven’t already got enough “stuff” to fill 3 houses??? I needed to buy MORE???

While shopping over the weekend, I saw a set of Corelle dishes with RED as the accent color, and I had to have them. (Same thing happens every time I see a red car in a dealer’s lot!) We bought one package of dishes, service for 4, which should be more than enough for our needs in our travel trailer, 95% of the time, . We can always grab a package of paper plates, just in case we have extras drop in.

new dishes

AND I found a reasonable set of flatware, already in a holder!

Looking around my kitchen, I have to admit that I already have enough stuff to open a restaurant and may just carry some of that cookware out to the trailer (freeing up space for NEW SHIT in here!) especially if I know I’ll be cooking something big. May take a trip down to the outlets south of here after payday – seems to me there’s an outlet with Revereware and Corning stuff, and other kitchen items. We’ll need a can opener, a decent set of knives, servings spoons, etc. Doesn’t have to be finest quality – just has to get the veggies to your plate. And I’m sure that the longer I think, the longer the list of stuff I “need” will grow. I should start with sorting through what’s here in the house and pulling out duplicates, but I bet that doesn’t happen.

We now have a place to store the new trailer, and the insurance company will begin coverage on the day we take possession. I found out that the liability protection is covered under the tow vehicle’s existing policy, so all we’ll get hit for beyond that is a collision policy for the value of the trailer.

We’re both spending time on the internet, investigating different organizations that provide services aimed at RV-ers. There are several that rate campgrounds, such as KOA, Good Sam’s, and there are sites for State and National Parks, many of which offer camp sites. We get an idea in our head of a neat place to see/visit and then can search out what is available in those areas.

Daughter lives about 650 miles from here, and that’s one of our proposed destinations. Husband and I are both “History Nerds/Freaks” so we’re looking for “Points of Historical Interest” midway between here and there, for a possible stopover on the way! I’ve only been up to Gettysburg once (Husband is a Pennsylvania native with MANY visits under his belt) but we’d both like to visit there again, and also in Lancaster County, PA. And everywhere else between here and THERE (wherever THERE might take us!) I love lighthouses, and there’s plenty of them that I haven’t seen or photographed.

I’m looking forward to getting out and about more (much more) with my wonderful camera. Sadly, it has spent too much time safely packed away in a big camera bag. When we used to get out and do more, I took more pictures. During the years that grandchildren were small AND nearby, I was always clicking that shutter. But… kids grow up, move away, and really don’t want the old bat always in their face with a big camera lens. I expected that, with retirement, husband and I would be enjoying each other as we went about and did things together. I remember a few different days at state parks nearby, and then came the Lockdown.

I stopped posting pictures here. I stopped taking pictures there.

With few exceptions, our trips out of the house have been to the grocery store, the pharmacy and doctor’s offices, as needed, and I didn’t take any pictures at Wal-Mart! Perhaps, because of that, we’ve stayed Covid-free, and I’m grateful. But the sole subject matter here at home for picture-taking has been a large, fat dog sleeping on the couch, and a sleepy husband sitting on the couch, watching the television. You all don’t need to be as bored as I am!

We are both looking forward to getting out on the road. He is aware it’s been a few years since he’s towed a trailer on the job daily, and admits he’ll feel more comfortable after he’s had our trailer on the road for some amount of mileage. I have no doubt this will all come back to him.

We spent their inheritance!

Published on January 20, 2021 at 7:24 pm

(Well, part of it!)

After a lot of thinking, discussion, planning, saving – and then looking around, searching dealerships in person and online, we made a purchase. We spotted what met our criteria, had all our “must haves”, wasn’t loaded up with stuff we didn’t need/couldn’t afford. Talked at home afterward, agreed privately on a dollar figure well under their asking price, and Paul went back a few days later to “chat” with the salesman.

I snitched the pictures off of the Delmarva RV Center website, did not take them myself. The staff there was terrific to deal with, and we would highly recommend this place! We dealt with the Smyrna location.

Floor plan
Back view

We liked the storage hidden everywhere, and under the bed, too. We really did want a unit with a centered bed with space on either side for storage/night table and electrical outlets for phone and tablet charging.

The kitchen is a nice size for us – we won’t be cooking Thanksgiving dinners for 18 people here!

Bathroom has a medicine cabinet and linen storage, big enough to hold towels, washcloths, and also bed linens. We also wanted (and got!) a tub that has some depth to it. The shallower ones (about 4″ deep!) look like, if you move the wrong way or spread out your arms/elbows to wash your hair, the shower curtain will move and the water will slosh all over the bathroom floor.

We haven’t brought her home yet. The unit will go in for a thorough cleaning, sanitizing to meet the Covid standards. The “outdoor kitchen” will be cleaned up, all connections will be checked. They’ll charge the battery, fill the gas tanks.

We pick her up on the 27th!!