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Found a great tutorial

Published on February 29, 2008

I like to knit socks, and even more than that, I like to wear hand-knitted socks that fit well.  So what if I had some “fit” issues in the beginning – how else do you learn??  Y’all can stop laughing now. Like most everyone else, I started making socks using DPNs (double pointed needles).  I can […]

Sweaters are coming right along here

Published on February 27, 2008

Yeah, I know it’s big, but don’t forget there’s two of them, and so, two sweaters to knit.  And it takes time.  I’m using the  Incredible Custom Fit Raglan Sweater pattern again, and doing the other sweater with the colors opposite.  Tan with blue stripes.  Tonight he was in a good mood, after being sick for […]

It always happens that way

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He has that effect.  On women.  Maybe he always has.  He sure has it now. He walks in the door, still hasn’t gotten his coat off, or put his coffee mug down, and she flips over on her back, spreads her legs, waiting for him to rub her belly!  Damn silly poodle.