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Walk, America!

Published on April 29, 2007

(That’s not a commandment, although it certainly wouldn’t hurt any/all of us to walk more, sit on our widening arses less.) It’s what Kate and I did yesterday morning.  Walk America for the March of Dimes.  We did a 2.5 mile circuit in town with a crowd of others also supporting the cause.  I noticed “team shirts” from […]

Petunia / Dogwood

Published on April 24, 2007

And it’s blooming. Every other year or so, Paul and I buy a dogwood and plant it in the backyard.   We have had no success to date.  Soil conditions, drought, a plague of locusts, you name it.  If I plant a dogwood, havoc reigns.  But he’s a trooper, my Paul, and this year he again […]

New Toy

Published on April 22, 2007

Had to buy it, had to play with it.  Just had to play with those f-stops, and see how much control over depth of field I’d get.  In the back of this picture, behind the flowering tree, is a telephone pole!!!  And it was a nice breezy (and sunny) day here.  Without the Image Stabilization stuff, I’d […]