I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, dog servant owner, crafty person doing knitting, crocheting, quilting. I’m a full-time employee, a part-time housekeeper (and the house looks it!), an empty-nester. While I’m enjoying the peace and quiet, I find that I miss having the kids here, and the purpose they gave to my life. I miss the activity level, at times, that was common when the kids were home, and is missing now. Life then was often frantic, but rarely ever boring. I don’t miss the “frantic” part.

Update – August 2006.

The nest is full of “chicks” again. Daughter and babies (twins, 15 months old) have come to stay. We can update the above thoughts, or rather, re-order them. I am a wife grandmother, mother, wife, housekeeper, grocery shopper, laundress, wife employee, cook, “pick up the toys before I trip over them-person,” wife.

I am still doing crafts, mostly knitting in the evening, trying to keep a bit of a grip on my sanity. It’s repetitious, which is soothing right now. And oddly enough, daughter, who never was interested in the yarn crafts when she was younger, is now knitting like a pro! I’m really impressed, and together we are learning more, doing more with the skills we’ve acquired. This is a good thing for both of us. She is self-taught off the internet, preferring to learn things that way. We both are comparing methods and teaching each other new things, different methods. She has the ability to concentrate and do lace well; I am too muddled in the head to get it right the first time, and have too much trouble seeing it well enough to straighten out the messes I make. I tend to worsted weight, solid colors, and the “interest” in textures, cables and such. She goes for the variegated yarns and lacey patterns.

Update – March 2007

The boys are now 22 months old, and life pretty much revolves around them. At their age, they need that, and it’s best for all when their needs are considered first. This is as it should be for now. They are beautiful, and watching them grow, and learn is a joy. In addition to what is here, Daughter takes many pictures of the boys and posts them on her blog. I’m still knitting, and often remember to take pictures and post about it. Just as often, I fail to take the pictures. Paul has found what in life he was meant to do, to be – and this is to fill the role of Pop-Pop. We are all looking forward to the warmer weather of spring and summer, and more outdoor activities.

Update – August 2007

The boys are now about 27 months old. What started with a few words went on to 2 words together, and now to the early stages of sentence structure. And the non-stop babbling! New words in their vocabulary every day. Nick seems more outgoing as far as speech, more apt to talk to people, ask questions. Alex keeps his own counsel, lets Nick do the talking for him. He is capable, just reticent.

Paul (Pop) has taken up golf, often playing with my brother. It’s good for both of them. We, the 4 of us, vacationed together in May, spending a week in Williamsburg, VA, and plan to spend a week in the Poconos in October. The two menfolk are doing internet investigating for golf courses in that area. And I am spinning, or at least, learning the rudiments of the craft. Would love to be able to take classes or spend excessive amounts of time with someone that really knows the craft. It’s a very soothing activity.

Whoa, it’s time to catch things up – Feb 2012

Everybody’s moved on. Daughter has found “the right one” and happily married. Those baby twins are now 6 and a half, in first grade, doing wonderfully.  They’ve been joined by a new (Nov 2011) baby brother. Her husband is in the military and current assignment has them about 3 hours away, and a move is scheduled for this spring which will take them to Florida. My sons are both married, and I see and hear from the oldest often, the other one, not so much. It’s just Pop and me, and it’s quiet. Sometimes that seems like peace, and sometimes it seems like emptiness.