Having to create this page is an admission to what appears to be “looming dementia.”   All too frequently, I remember reading really neat stuff out on the internet, often on someone’s website or blog. And as I’m reading it, I think to myself, “This is great. I’ll refer back to this often, ’cause it’s so informative, accurate, handy, too complex for me to remember.”

And then, when I actually need the information, I remember that it’s out there, I remember reading it, I remember recognizing that I would refer back to it, but for the love of lemon meringue pie, I can’t remember where the hell I saw it. (This would be easier if I only read 2 or 3 blogs, and instead of playing on the computer, I scrubbed my kitchen floor more often) I once went practically certifiably loony trying to find a blog post that reviewed knitting charting software. It took days before I found it again, and now, sadly, I’ve forgotten who posted it again (but I do remember the recommended program’s name!!)

So maybe I can keep a list here of the really neat stuff that I expect to need again.  (If I remember to keep adding the links, it’ll be great!!)

The current time in Sydney, Australia is found here   http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=240


Really neat patterns on other people’s sites that I have to make and will forget where I’ve seen them if I don’t put them here.