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The puppy grows up (and wide!)

About 6 years ago, we were dealing with the loss of our beloved dog, Sophie, a beautiful, well-behaved black Standard Poodle. She lived a long life, healthy until near the end. Unfortunately, dogs don’t live as long as their human servants, and although we had dealt with this issue before, many times, it never gets easier. Each time, it rips your heart out. When we both agreed that it was time, Sophie took the last trip to the veterinarian, and peacefully went over the Rainbow Bridge.

We both said that this was the last time we would intentionally put ourselves though this pain/loss. We said this several times, to ourselves, and to each other. We were in agreement.

That lasted about 6 months, until we noticed that each one of us was looking at puppy pictures on the internet. When we realized that both of us were agreed that we missed having a dog in the house, we started openly talking about what we should do. The point I brought up was against getting another Poodle. As much as I loved the breed, I had to admit that poodles are expensive to maintain. All dogs, any breed, will have costs: food, vet bills, medication expenses, kennel bills as needed, on and on. That’s normal and reasonably expected. But poodles require haircuts – they don’t have to have ultra-fancy styles, like you see in dog shows, but still, if you haven’t got the skill to do it yourself, you have to take them to a groomer and pay a good price to have it done. Every 6-8 weeks. As long as the dog lives. They are expensive dames. When I was paying $12 to get my own hair cut, I was paying $75 for Sophie to be bathed, dried, combed out and cut, manicure/pedicure. The cost has to be considered. When I was still working, it was affordable, but I was very close to my expected retirement, and really didn’t want to carry these high costs over into a reduced income. And I had to admit that I missed having a DOG, not necessarily a Poodle.

So we continued our internet searches, looking at rescues. And one day, we found a picture of one poor little female puppy that looked so sad, looked like she really needed someone to love her. The info provided said she was part-Lab, and we were okay with that. We were used to large breeds. I had loved several Standard Poodles, and had raised Airedales – large terriers. So I contacted the lovely lady that ran the rescue, filled out the necessary application, and about 10 days later, I picked up the wee puppy. We bought a kennel/cage, a lovely dog bed (actually 2 beds, as she ate the first one), bags of food, doggie biscuits, toys.

new puppy

She is a brindle color, a mixture of black and brown hair. And the little bit of white on her paws, chest, nose and chin looked so cute. We named her Cinnamon. It took both of us about 12 minutes to fall in love with her. As we were both still working, she stayed in the kennel during the day when we were gone, and again at night. She was quickly house-trained, and then, being poor puppy-parents, we brought her up onto our bed!! Cuddle-pup, missing litter-mates, she snuggled right in between us.

She helped us get over the pain of losing Sophie. She was content here and normal life resumed. The dog thrived, was cared for, grew, was loved and well-fed.

Uh, very well-fed!

And she grew!!

Grown-up Cinnamon

That is our 95-pound bed-mate!!

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