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A peaceful Sunday

Published on June 24, 2012

It started with chores – I was doing laundry at 730a! Just wanted to get it done, get the kitchen in order, find my dining room table which is under a lot of stuff that just gets dumped there. Got most of it all done – there’s still some stuff on the back of that […]

It’s officially SUMMER!!

Published on June 20, 2012

As of about 7pm this evening, it’s officially gotten here. The Summer Solstice And it’s been the hottest day of the year so far, and may be the hottest it’ll get all summer. It hit 97°F here today, and with the humidity so high, it put the index up to around 105°F. Tomorrow is supposed […]

Only me

Published on June 3, 2012

It could only happen to me!  Who else has a “brassiere emergency” on their way out to have a few beers???  I mean, really! The day started out fine. I was asleep. Then the damn alarm clock went off at 0520 and it started going downhill. Sunday is my normal day off, but several weeks […]