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Relief, sweet relief

Published on December 17, 2007

I heard a quote today.  I’m so far gone that, quite honestly and this will freak out 2 of my 3 children, because they were there at the time, still have their wits about them and probably remember quite well I do not have a clue where I heard it.  I don’t think it was […]

Boost in Holiday Spirit sorely needed

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If ya got any spare spirit, apply here. I finally got my act together a bit, and went out to do some shopping.  I actually went to the local Wal-Mart on a Sunday, just before Christmas, thus giving my husband reason to reconsider his diagnosis of depression of the day before and decide now to have […]

There is a time to every purpose

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I fell behind on my chores, both holiday and all others.  I predict that I will get things caught up by, say, mid-March, so not to worry.  Except, that’s what I do best.  Worry, that is.  About not getting caught up.  And when I worry, I really work hard at the worrying, like a professional at it, […]