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Published on February 20, 2009

This was sent to me today by a son of mine. He knows me well. He is no longer depending on me for his survival. That is a good thing, for him! This one was found at There’s more on that site! Go take a look.

Everything starts in Sydney

Published on February 17, 2009

Sydney is where the day begins. Sydney is where the first big televised New Year’s celebrations are shown. They celebrate before the rest of us – actually, 12 hours before we do here on the US east coast. They are first, and can stick their tongue out at the rest of us tagging along behind.   […]

Living on the Edge

Published on February 13, 2009

Yes, right on the edge. On the edge of going insane of the cuff of these socks. I’ll keep knitting until I’m almost out , then go into the bind-off – I want to use up all this beautiful yarn! I sure know I’m not a fast knitter, but I would get more done if […]