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Twas the day after Christmas…..

Published on December 26, 2009

And all through the house…… Bits of wrapping paper To/From tags no longer attached to gifts, no longer identifying who gave what to whom Empty boxes Leftovers Good memories of having my children all at home and laughing Cookies and fudge and sweets that I will feel honor-bound to eat, thereby gaining another 18 pounds. […]

Merry Christmas

Published on December 25, 2009

Pictures are coming as soon as I can get to them.

Twas the day before Christmas……

Published on December 24, 2009

and all through the house not a creature was stirring??? Well that’s a load of shi feathers if I ever heard it. Right now, the house is peaceful. All got up early, big breakfast was made and demolished. Kate got all her menfolk herded up and out of here by 930am to go up north […]