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Published on January 29, 2010

Yes, snow is in the forecast.  Per the National Weather Service, we can expect it to start falling in about 12 hours, and less than 1/2 inch is expected during the day tomorrow (Saturday) and possibly another 1/2 inch during tomorrow night. The entire freaking state will go into a frenzy over it.  I stopped […]

Thermostat issues

Published on January 19, 2010

15th Annual Nanook Wars (AKA  15th Annual Thermostat Wars) It begins again. Every year. Shortly after cold weather sets in. Paul is cold. I am not. Paul is skinny. I am not as skinny as I used to be not. Perhaps this affects how we perceive weather and cold and intelligent thought. I say intelligent things […]

Busy Day

Published on January 13, 2010

First off – I got an electric griddle for Christmas – with the crowd here for the holidays, and a need to make the eggs go farther, I made French Toast for all. Today, with Kate and the boys here, grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch! Works beautifully and speeds up getting it done. Cooks more […]