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the last day

Published on November 30, 2009

of November. I’ve participated in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) again and got through the whole thing. Complete. A post every day, or at least a new one showed up every day.  I can write the posts in advance and set them up to become visible at a future date and time.  And Brian helped me set up a […]

Light and dark

Published on November 29, 2009

My hair didn’t gray early – it went white! It’s probably genetic; my mother’s hair was snow-white for many years, after having colored it for many years! Mine, too. She did speculate, though, that stress may have been a factor. Apparently, there have been some/many cases where hair has turned gray or white much more rapidly than […]

Things I know

Published on November 28, 2009

Stuff If it had been colder here over the last week or so, the snow we would have gotten instead of so much rain, wouldn’t melt until 2012 - we’d have gotten that much! As that coincides with the end of time, we’d never, ever see ground again. My husband has the “hots” for my gravy. It’s […]