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I love September, and the other Autumn months! The combination of heat/humidity can get oppressive, and we get it all summer long here. Ugh!! This time of year, the temperature begins to drop and so does the humidity, and that makes getting outside so much more enjoyable. October will be even nicer. This is an old picture, probably taken up in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, as our trees here are still green, but the colors will change here soon!

AND, I’m starting to think of meals, desserts, breads than need the oven to be turned on! I admit to avoiding using the oven as much as possible during the summer months, while I am simultaneously paying a fortune to have the air-conditioner running! Seems counter-productive, doesn’t it? (And stupidly expensive!) But now, I’m thinking about that recipe I found for Hawaiian Rolls, and home-made cinnamon rolls, a pork roast with the gravy poured over mashed potatoes.

Clearly, I’m not thinking of any sort of dieting!

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