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Switching and Swatching

Published on February 24, 2009

My hands really do appreciate going back and forth between large-needle projects and small-needle projects. When I stay too long with the small-needle ones, like socks, my wrists start to talk to me, particularly the right one. I suspect that keying numbers all day with my right hand may have a greater impact, but there’s no […]

Moving on with life

Published on February 23, 2009

Life goes on, and it’s often boring. I suppose that’s to be expected at my age, but I find it difficult to accept at times! I’m looking at vacation places, knowing there’ll be a funding shortage for that sort of thing this year, what with all the medical stuff going on. I would much rather spend our dollars on […]


Published on February 22, 2009

I just took an online test and found out I have an IQ of  14 !!!!!!! I’m afraid to drive now.