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Nothing good comes out of a sky like this

Published on January 28, 2009

Just rain or snow, depending on the temperature and it’s hovering just above freezing now. The fog today was eerie.

What next? she says while looking up.

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The ground is snow-covered, because the heavens threw snowballs at us all night; they apparently broke apart on impact.  Not a vast accumulation, but enough to close damn near every school district in the state, which really isn’t that much cause the whole state is only the size of a large bag of potatoes. This […]

Let it Snow???

Published on January 27, 2009

Here in Delaware, we get more predictions of snow than actual white fluffy stuff.  Nine times out of ten, it goes north of us, and on this peninsula we stay protected from the worst of it. When Philadelphia gets 6 inches, we get a dusting.  Today’s forecast was for a bit of snow today, with […]