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Published on March 30, 2007

Paul says – The air must be getting cleaner here in the house.  Or my sense of smell is improving. Me – Really?  Already?  How can you tell? Paul –  I don’t really notice the absence of smoke. Me – Well? Paul – Well, uh, the shitty diapers sure smell worse. Me – I’m glad we’re […]

Spring – and what’s this?

Published on March 29, 2007

When we were out walking last night with the boys, I took lots of pictures.  I saw several big trees over by the little playgrounds that were just opening these “red flowers.”  The color attracted my eye and I thought they were really neat looking.  Anybody got a clue what sort of tree this is? […]


Published on March 28, 2007

Pop and I are watching the boys tonight, so after dinner we all got our sweatshirts on and went for a walk to the playground.        Pop and Alex like to climb up and survey all they can see.  Alex pretends he’s steering a pirate ship, maybe?  But he sure is happy up there!  […]