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Happy President’s Day

Published on February 19, 2007

Yep, today’s the day we celebrate our Presidents, on a date (Feb 19, this year) that has no significance to any of them, as far as I know.  We here in the US chose Mondays for our own convenience and because we like 3-day weekends; this is more important than facts or specific dates.  Apologies to Lincoln, Washington, and perhaps others, […]

Chore for you

Published on February 16, 2007

Go to this post on K’s website, scroll down to the bottom (well, go ahead and read it first, then scroll down) to where there’s a link to vote in a poll.  Twins N and A are pictured, 9 pictures down.  Do this right away cause the poll closes soon.  Tough choice here, cause LookyDaddy’s […]

Graph of my blog??

Published on

Saw a link to  and made this graph by typing in my blog URL.  Hmm, I don’t understand this, but it looks neat!       Pictures have been sparse lately.  I finally found time to get to the store and buy 2 replacement sets of rechargeable batteries, and the first set is on […]