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Published on December 31, 2012

I’m not going to make firm Resolutions. That just sets me up for failure. But this is a good time of the year to look at one’s life and see what’s good, what’s not (and the wisdom to know the difference) and decide what, if any, changes can reasonably be made. This is the time […]

Post-Christmas Madness?

Published on December 28, 2012

Got through the holiday break, and back to work, and it’s been a madhouse. For reasons that I don’t post, we’ve been horribly busy, and I’ve come home every night feeling like I was on the losing end of a prize fight. The world didn’t come to an end, and apparently the Mayans just ran […]

Making me crazy….

Published on December 21, 2012

It must be the  soon-to-be here holidays that are making me crazy. I baked breads today, I baked those 2 batches of ginger snaps today. I went to the store today. I doled out pills to my husband, who because of those pills, can’t think straight. I watched him sleep, a lot. And I finally […]