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A day to celebrate?

Published on August 26, 2012

This is not something I usually celebrate – in fact, it’s the first time I’ve even heard of it, so I guess I’m way overdue. We got her when she was just a pup, 7 weeks old, I think. Kate and I went just to look at the litter. Ha ha! Like I have any […]

No time

Published on August 13, 2012

for all I should write about. How’s this pattern for a cute, simple shawl? Thank you, Laura, for posting it. So I started it with the yarn that’s been sitting here on my coffee table for way too long, waiting to be made into a pair of socks, which now probably isn’t gonna happen. […]

One day makes a difference

Published on August 3, 2012

The boys were here on Delmarva visiting their dad and we got to spend the day with them. We had a wonderful day together and it went by too quickly.