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Busy day – again!

Published on January 30, 2012

Have spent the day with daughter and baby. Twins went off to school and left us by ourselves, husband arrived by mid-afternoon, with my suitcase full of clothes. (Dog will sleep alone tonight instead of me!) He’s had the baby in his arms every since he got here, except for the few minutes when he […]

Traveling day

Published on January 29, 2012

It started well. Had just about everything ready to go last night before I went to bed. Always a few last-minute things that can’t be packed up until morning, cosmetics and such out of the bathroom, medicines, items that are on a charger all night. After getting something to eat, a cup of coffee, taking […]

Packing it up

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Takes as much or more time for me to decide on craft projects, knitting/spinning supplies AND devices (laptop, cell, cameras, Kindle, Sat Radio, iPod) and their various travel cases and charging/syncing cords as it does for me to gather up the clothes I’ll need when I’m away. Paul is at work this morning and fears […]