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and what are these?

Published on October 24, 2010

they’re growing in my back yard. They’re seeds, I’m thinking, and not something I should cook for dinner???

Back on the wagon?

Published on October 23, 2010

I was doing so well with the Post-A-Day thing for October – and then Husband’s birthday, and then the dog went to the vet and ate up a good chunk of money, and then……. Damn, I’m even behind in getting the laundry done, too, and I’m working 7 days in a row to get time […]


Published on October 20, 2010

Planning a trip and also planning a dinner here at home. Husband’s birthday is coming up very quickly and spare change is allotted elsewhere. The man loves Veal Scallopini – and the version in the cookbook by Gene Leone of the techniques that he learned while working in Mama’s restaurant is the best I’ve ever had.  […]