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What happened, and didn’t happen, on Saturday

Published on August 30, 2008

Every 6 weeks, on a Saturday or Sunday, I go to my favorite hairdresser and get my roots dyed, then all the rest of my hair is “gooped up” for the last 8-10 minutes, then I get it frosted, and cut.   This whole damn process takes about 2+ hours.  And a lot of dollars.  As a young […]

One of those “Three Things” posts

Published on August 26, 2008

Three things I did over the weekend Went to see my oldest son, who is recuperating from surgery.  He lifted something WAY too heavy at work about 2 weeks ago and apparently ripped his innards to shreds; had to be surgically put back together, sort-of like Humpty Dumpty.    While there, he also had an umbilical […]

Good tunes

Published on August 25, 2008

To get last Thursday off for a doctor’s appointment upstate, I traded days off with one of the others, and had to work on Saturday instead.  Working a Saturday now and again is great.  Didn’t have to do any of the “administrative” stuff that I’m usually hip-deep in, just sat and worked the switchboard, with […]