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I’m gonna grow up, I promise

Published on March 31, 2008

But until I do, I expect that I’ll continue to drive with the radio a bit loud.  I’ve been doing this for better than 40 years now, and unlikely to change much from here on out.  It’s not so loud that pedestrians are deafened.  In fact, as far as I know, my hearing hasn’t been impacted […]

The Ides of March (times 2)

Published on March 30, 2008

The “stuff” got moved!!  Yay!!!!    It went so well I recommend that everyone periodically take everything they value, shake it all about, drop it a few times, rent a truck and drive it all about town, then put it back in a different order.  Pop seems to feel that there may not be a Christmas tree […]

As the Toilet Flushes

Published on March 27, 2008

So goes my life – a downward spiral, down the hopper, funnier every day, if you’re the sort that laughs at large-scale natural disasters of all kinds. I had a thought the other night.  Odd event, I know, but thinking it didn’t stun me into forgetting it.  All of us are aging and as we […]