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Happy New Year to All!!!!

Published on December 31, 2006

It’s getting close to New Year’s Eve. As much as attending a party sounds like fun, drinking with amateurs and driving home with drunks on the road has little appeal anymore. The cost is ferocious and I spent all the “disposable income” on Christmas. Looks like a peaceful evening at home with brother Ray and […]

Tea for Three?

Published on December 30, 2006

    The picture says it all.          

The “DOWN” Side of Christmas…..

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didn’t hit until the day after, and it started small, with a little rumbling in the tummy.  By the time it had swelled to it’s fullness, it sent 4 adults and 1 small child into digestive fits, caused one car, one bathroom to be “redecorated,” caused me to be quite grateful we had pulled out […]