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I am not a lace-knitter

Published on September 21, 2006

I tried, and tried, and frogged and tried again.  After about 8 starts, and still little satisfaction, I’m gonna admit the truth.  I am apparently not a lace-knitter.  If it had been a really hard pattern, I might be thinking, well, I just picked one that was beyond me.  But the damn pattern should have […]

Be sure to read……

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LookyDaddy.  Some days the posts are great, most are better than that!!!  Parents who are “primary caretakers” gotta stick together.

It’s Dog Day

Published on September 20, 2006

I work with many blind and visually impaired people.  Today one of my co-workers returned to work with a new Guide Dog.  My friend was away for his training at Leader Dog for the Blind in Rochester, Michigan, where the dog was trained.  The dog is 22 months old, and named Riker.  It’s going to take some […]