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While reading the grocery sales this week, I noticed that a store I particularly like had chicken breasts on sale with a “quantity buy” and suggested to Himself that perhaps we should run down there and pick up a 10-pound bag. His response referred to the amount of goods already “cooling their heels” in my freezer and I think he suggested something about “using up some of the shit that’s already in there” or something equally crass. When I looked inside, I realized that I couldn’t get a marshmallow in there unless I shot it in with a cannon – and that would probably cause 2 tons of stuff to fall to the floor. On occasion, he makes a good point.

So today, being the good and obedient wife that I am, I went burrowing into the frozen wasteland to see what actually is inside and look for stuff that could or should be tossed. Found that I already had chicken breasts (!!), 5 pounds of bacon, a hell of a lot of dinner rolls, a hell of a lot of Lean Cuisine meals in there for someone who ISN’T losing weight. Perhaps if I actually ate them, this would change?? Found several pounds of ground beef, some pork chops, and a bag of what the kids would call “Mystery Meat” – a term coined back when they still would eat school lunches. It didn’t have freezer burn on it, but if let go, would soon acquire it. It definitely wasn’t chicken. Hmmmm. I hadn’t a clue and didn’t remember buying it. As far back as it was in the freezer, might it be from the last century? I’m thinking it’s a small chuck roast, and I found a container of home-made French Onion Soup in there. Took them both out, defrosted them in the microwave, tossed them into a crock pot, added some frozen carrots that I found in there that might go back to the Revolutionary War. Not sure how it’s going to taste, but at the end of the day, we shall call it “DINNER.”

The dog has been barking to go out so many times today. Not too unusual, but it’s probably one of the coldest and windiest days of the year so far, and the household heat is going out in gusts each time I let her out or bring her back in. If she had any sense, she would hold whatever she has to do until April.

With good intentions, I bought myself a back pack, something I’ve never owned before. I’ve bought my share over the years for school children, and after making several purchases, repeat purchases, I stopped shopping at the local stores and ordered them from L.L. Bean. They make the best ones, they last the longest, and they replace them if they break/tear/self-destruct. (And Thank You to son, Jim, who got me a gift certificate at Christmas!) It was several days longer in being shipped, as I had it monogrammed, but arrived yesterday.


It has a gazillion pockets in it, and side-pockets to carry water bottles which would also carry beer cans. Several interior pockets are secured with Velcro or zippers. It has a grommet-hole to allow for the earbud cord, directly over a secure pocket large enough to carry an iPod. It’s big enough to carry the 15” laptop. And it’s RED.

Still having issues with the new online software from my bank. After two weeks passed and my car insurance payment made through their Bill Pay system still was not showing as having ever been sent, I was getting nervous. I still was 10 days from the due date, and the office where it needs to go is local, but I was concerned, and called them. When connected to their Tech Support, I was told that I couldn’t access my account information because I hadn’t supplied them with an e-mail address. Huh???  I was sure that I had, and if that was required to use their system, why the hell was I getting into my account information for the last 2 weeks AND why wasn’t I alerted to this during the sign-up process. I mean, try ordering something online and NOT putting in payment information!!  These systems are designed to balk if all the necessary information isn’t provided. If their system doesn’t have that provision, it’s damn lousy programming. So I was pissed, and sent Himself down to the insurance agency yesterday with the checkbook – I can’t afford to mess around with that bill! (The only good thing about their Tech Support was that the person spoke understandable English)

As an aside, I must note that on his way down to the insurance agent, Himself notices a State Police vehicle behind him with lights on (no siren) and being an old fart driver, he pulled to the right to allow the vehicle to pass by him. Sadly, the Trooper also pulled over, right behind him. This is never good. With a surprised but respectful look on his face, he politely greeted the officer and inquired as to the problem, while shuffling through the glove box for registration, and wallet for driver’s license. Even though he distinctly remembers going through the inspection lines and paying the registration fees, he was driving a truck with an expired registration. In fact, it was 6 months expired. Feeling like an ass, he then remembers that it was MY car that he took in! Fortunately, the trooper was a good sport, and did not ticket him. As the old truck had been in for some major servicing just a few weeks ago, he was able to change directions, head directly down to the Dept of Motor Vehicles, whiz through the inspection lanes, wait patiently to pay the necessary fees and get a new sticker for HIS vehicle, and then continue on to pay his insurance bill. He got banged for an extra $10 in late fees, which isn’t bad for 6 months of registration!

Still on my sock knitting kick – due in part to the damn cold weather we’ve been having. The other reason is my inability to concentrate on any one large item long enough to finish it! Socks are quicker and the gratification of finishing them and wearing them is more easily attainable!


Dinner smells good, whatever it is.

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