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And another thing I forgot

I’m pretty good about the car, the maintenance stuff. She goes in regularly for oil changes, tire rotation. I keep on top of that stuff. If something’s not right, she goes in to make it right.

A law here in DE allows us to tag a NEW vehichle for 5 years, and there are no required inspections during that time. This was probably done as a cost-saving measure for the state, based on the assumption that there probably won’t be any major problems for the first 5 years, and we all know that ALL bulbs last that long and brakes never show any wear in that time, regardless of miles driven.

Yeah, right. I’ve already had my front brakes replaced.

She sure was pretty when she was new, June 2007.


After 5 years, though, the car has to be inspected and tagged again.

Now tell me who has an alarm clock that they can set to ring in 5 years from the purchase date of a vehicle?

Been riding on expired tags for 2 weeks now – Paul to the rescue yesterday as no woman from Jersey would ever willingly take a vehicle through inspection, and she’s tagged for another 2 years – after that first 5-year stint, we can only tag for 2-year increments.

Worry #1,254,658 off my mind.


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