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I’m gathering stuff together for a quick trip down to daughter’s, and have big decisions to make. Should I take my knitting with me? How many projects? The boring one that I’m doing now? Should I take that Kauni that I just got, to show Kate, and start a new shawl with it? But what pattern? I’m thinking Multnomah, which will show off the color repeats. Or maybe I should just take some spinning. Of course, the main project I’m working on now is on the Traddy, and that’s a bit big to haul around – not that I didn’t haul it to an alpaca farm two days last month for spinning demonstrations. I could just take the LadyBug, as she does travel easier. But I don’t have a project going on her right now, but there’s that garnet red merino over there……

And then, there’s power cords and places to charge stuff. I could certainly get away with just my cell phone, which has more computer power than we used to get to the moon in ’69, but I would have to charge it up.  And there’s the GPS – if I don’t have that, I can’t find my ass in the shower worry about making a wrong turn.  And the Bluetooth speaker in the car, for hands-free phone use. Thank all the merino sheep that my Sirius radio doesn’t need to be charged. Oh, the camera(s) and batteries. Shit, I’ll need to bring the laptop, and a generator too, probably.

No room for clothes.

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