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Odd note

I use Sitemeter on this blog, tells me how many visits per hour/day/month, etc., what pages are visited, the Exit page, and often, the Referring URL and the location of the visitor.  Many people writing a blog use some form of stats-tracking, most out of simple curiosity. Guess those running a business are interested in what content generates the most hits, and the information gleaned is beneficial to their enterprise. I see many of the locations repeat again and again. The lady in MI who posts bird pictures and knitting on her blog, my friend in Australia, my grown sons and daughter, my cousin in CA who often visits but NEVER comments – I see their locations show up frequently as they stop in.

When checking Sitemeter today, I noticed something that really caught my eye. At about 10:30 this morning, I had a visitor from Pompano Beach, Florida. The referring URL showed that the visitor had been on LookyDaddy’s site before mine. OK, no big deal?   Except that I lived in Pompano Beach, FL for quite a few years, way back when sand was all still big rocks. Back when Oldies Classic Rock was “Top 40.” Co-incidence? I’ve never seen this town show up before, and while I surely could have missed it, and I don’t read the locations every day, it’s got me remembering where I used to live, and the high school I used to go to (PBSHS), and people I used to know.

It may have been a random thing, somebody cruising by that’ll not come back again, the internet equivalent of a wrong number, but it’s got me wondering.  If you come by again, leave a comment, please.

One Response to “Odd note”

  1. Marguerite Says:

    Visit Marguerite

    My location will show up as Idaho, not Michigan, today. But I’m here reading on your blog while Granddaughter Sydney is resting and I’m enjoying a few minutes of peace and quiet.