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Here’s what I wade through on my way home from work, two weekends a year.  It’s NASCAR week at Dover again.

Deal with the picture being slightly off-kilter.  I was driving, holding the camera in my right hand, pointing it towards the window and clicking.  I did not “sight” these shots, and I’m really surprised that I got quite a few good ones.  (I’m defining a “good picture” as one that is not exclusively of the inside roof of my vehicle).  More coming!!

Near the track

In what were open fields last week, there are now “instant” concession stands put up all over that will be selling all sorts of NASCAR paraphenalia.  Some are selling food and drink.  The sign up ahead at the side of the road is giving directions to those pulling in campers, advising them of which areas still have available sites.  The parking areas go back for a mile or so.  This picture was taken at about 5:00 PM on Thursday.    It’ll be worse today (Friday).   Many folk take only Friday off from work and drive in then.  So today, traffic is gonna be a backed-up madhouse, all pick-up trucks, SUVs and campers.  More people will be walking about.  The amount of beer consumed goes up 187% per day between now and Saturday night, and even more than that on Sunday, the day the big race is scheduled.  Where now people are walking along the sidewalk, soon they’ll be staggering.   Falling down.  In front of vehicles.  OMG!   As of Thursday, the speed limit anywhere near the track has been reduced by half, and the conditions and pedestrians reduce it further!   From the point where this picture was taken, my house is less than 10 minutes away.  I have had it take almost 2 hours. 

It’s rough if you have to pee.


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