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I’m gonna grow up, I promise

But until I do, I expect that I’ll continue to drive with the radio a bit loud.  I’ve been doing this for better than 40 years now, and unlikely to change much from here on out.  It’s not so loud that pedestrians are deafened.  In fact, as far as I know, my hearing hasn’t been impacted by all this loudness over all these many years.  (And with my job, I’d know!)  Also, I do not have the bass turned up so loud that people are aware that I’m arriving 6 blocks before I pull into view, and I do not cause the vehicle to vibrate.

In the course of things that I had to do today, I had to drive out onto the military base at Dover, and, as usual, had the radio screaming loud turned up a tad.   Because I truly believe that just everybody drives this way, I often forget to turn down the volume until I’m just about at the guard at the gate.  Ooops, quick, turn in down!!

I hope maybe this young troop was too young.

In any case, it probably isn’t in the best of good sense to approach the Main Gate of a military base singing along to the music of Eric Clapton.  Loud.  Cocaine.


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  1. Brian Says:

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    This one’s from me, to blast whenever you need a reminder:

  2. Petunia Says:

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    Most days, sir, you are the best part of my life!