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March 26 – an epic date


First, it’s Jim’s birthday. 1970 was a long time ago, a different world back then. So many changes in many aspects of my life. So many times. One of the constants in my life, one of the centering forces has been Jim. Yes I have other children, younger, 2 wonderful ones, but before they came along, things were rough, and many times for many reasons, I could have just “thrown in the towel.” Except. Motherhood is a powerful thing, and on the day when you’re ready to give up, instead, you get up and do for your child, because he needs you to. That’s just the way we are. Maybe, when I was young, I didn’t even know that about myself. Maybe he taught me that I have strengths and reserves I didn’t know I had (heh, maybe they’re about depleted by now). His presence, his needs as a boy, kept me going. He’s been there for me, too many times to count. When there was not a damn thing he could do about a given situation but give me a hug, he was there to do that. There are no words.


I am pleased to report that I’ve been smoke-free for a full year today. Having started smoking as a young teenager and consistantly smoking my entire adult life (a whole lot of years here), this is quite an achievement, and I’m damn proud of myself. When our doctor, husband’s and mine, strongly recommended, for real and current reasons, that we stop ASAP, we were given a medication as an aid. The directions advised us to pick a date to quit, and start taking the pills 8 days before. On the 8th day you will stop smoking. Yeah, right, and dollar bills will fly out my ass and I’ll buy us all South Sea Islands. Right. Ha, ha. Looking at a calendar, I saw that Jim’s birthday was soon approaching, and I picked that date, one I wouldn’t forget. So we started taking the medication and by the 6th day, I was lighting, and then putting out, cigarettes, finding I didn’t like them. I didn’t quit — the meds did it for me. I am smoke-free, and damn glad of it. And as I reported to Pop tonight, I calculated up the average amount that we used to spend on cigarettes, a horrendous damn figure, and each month, that amount has gone as an extra payment against our mortgage. It did not just “get absorbed” back into the budget, as could so easily have happened. It did not get spent on yarn!! Oh, to be sure I’ve bought yarn, but not until after I made that fat payment. And let me tell anyone with a mortgage, that can make a hell of a difference.


My grandsons, the older two, brought me a hyacinth for Easter. It was just starting to bloom so I got to see it all!! They only saw the first few at the bottom open up. Maybe their dad will show them how pretty it looked when it all opened up. And the fragrance is so light, delicate. Thank you, gentlemen, and thanks for the help you gave on Saturday.


Easter hyacinth

Knitting Stuff

Those not interested are excused.

After several years of getting up off my ever-widening butt and going out to the kitchen to get a pair of scissors every time I need to cut yarn, I finally rectified this idiocy. It’s gone on way too long because:

    • I have scads of good sewing scissors, all in storage.
    • I have pinking shears, scalloping shears, and probably at some point, bought scissors that would cut out wee leprechauns.
    • I was an embroiderer, cross-stitch, antique sampler reproduction, open work, hardanger, all of which require another set of scissors, and all of them are pointy, very pointy. The ones for doing hardanger are like needles.
    • It seemed rather offensive in some way to buy MORE scissors.
    • Pointy scissors are dangerous. They poke thru whatever you put them into.
    • They attack your fingers when you get near them, putting you off your knitting for days. Daughter once jumped onto her bed, forgetting she had left a pair of embroidery scissors there. She probably still has the scar on her knee, where the point was embedded.
    • We have a set of almost 3-year old twins in the household, and you just can’t be too careful with the safety of wee ones.

While every one of these reasons has merit, laziness and age won out.

Kiddie scissors

I picked these little darlings up in the local craft store. They are suitable for small twins to use, but I will prevent their even touching them with my life think they are too young for cutting. Blunt points will not, yea, can not injure AND they even have a nose-snood as further protection. I can put them into my cheap  clear plastic knitting goodie bag and they won’t poke 9 holes by morning. However, my butt will be broader. Those jogs out to the kitchen were the only exercise I got some days. (It’s a damn shame I often came back with a bowl of ice cream, too, though)


Finished Object


finished socks 

Claudia Hand Painted, Peppermint Mocha, from The Loopy Ewe, who also stocks the sock blocker

Size 2 KnitPicks 47″ circular, worked two at a time, Magic Loop

These were worked toe-up, my method of choice, and I’m sure glad I did. I would prefer more cuff, but I worked it to where I had less than an arm-length of yarn left. Fortunately, the 2 balls I worked with were almost identical length. 60 stitches for my skinny feet, a bit of K4, P2 across the uppers, with a cable bit to keep me from falling asleep and killing myself with those pointy (wonderful) KnitPicks needles. I’ve done toe-up before, often 2 on 2 circs, but this was the first attempt at Magic Looping two at a time. For the initial set-up, I found a great set of directions. Because my brain is shrinking with age, I put a link to it on my “Don’t Forget Where This Stuff Is” page – Wonderful helpful things on the net.

another pic of socks

As mentioned before, I’m in love with the colorway, and the way those cables pop up! The bind off is one recommended by Wendy of WendyKnits. Knit 2, slip them back onto left needle, K2tog, K1, slip 2 back onto left……… Makes a bit of a lettuce-y flutter at the top, but that’s what gives it it’s super stretch, the flutter lessens when actually on a human leg, and it rarely ever shows under pants. And if it does, it’s a special design element, provided by Wendy!!

More Knitting

For a travelling project, there’s more sock


next pair, for Pop this time

These are for Pop. I don’t know if that was my intent when I ordered the yarn, Cherry Tree Hill in Mariner’s Compass. Maybe it was because of the two large boxes full of yarns that arrived here a while back, one day apart, and the look on his face, but I grabbed out this, and said, “Look, dear, at the manly color for your socks.” Whew, snuck out of that one with a little bit of grace. Anyway, the yarn is Supersock DK, it’s already on that super-long Size 2 (US) needle. I weighed the skein on a gram scale, and first cranked half of it off onto the ball winder, then the other half to another ball, insuring that I’ll get maximum usage of this beautiful yarn with little left over. I started out with 24 stitches, and I’ve probably got it up to about 40 stitches. When it looks nearly right, I’ll corner him and make him try it on. Oh, you know what he said when I showed him how well the colorway was working up?? (like he really cares about that. Comfort, yes. Attractive colorway, no) He says, “What I really need is covers for my golf clubs, for my putters! To keep them clean.” And he’s looking at my Cherry Tree Hill. Aghast! I tell you, I was aghast. I’ve got old acrylic around here somewhere (or in that damn storage locker) that would be perfect, dear. In a manly color. Just the perfect yarn.

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  1. Donna Says:

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    Congrats on the smoking cessation! I quit last summer because of a little hospital visit…but I haven’t seen one dime of the money I’m saving-what’s wrong with this picture? I love reading your blog-you and I think alike. I was wondering though—how did you do on “moving” day?