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Staggering, falling down on my holiday chores

As noted before, I am letting the Christmas tasks drive me nuts.

As noted, I am getting further behind in all the things that need to be done.  What precious little time I had, I was wasting in the check-out lines of stores, standing, waiting, fidgeting.  I mixed dough for many batches of cookies, and the dough sat cooling its heels, waiting to be baked.

Today, though, Paul and I found the Ultimate Method of avoiding Holiday Chores.  At 7:30 this morning, I hauled his sorry ass off to the Emergency Room, where he was promptly seen – that of itself being an indication of his condition.  If only your leg is cut off or your head is under your arm, you’re told to take a seat and wait your turn.  Less than 10 minutes after walking in the doorway out of the cold, he was in a treatment room.  Within another 10 minutes the staff was tending to his most major symptom, and he got some relief quickly.  But then came the testing we knew would be ordered, and the waiting for results to return.  A decision was made to admit, but there were no beds available.  And the ER was filling up fast, with ambulances pulling in and dumping patients in a steady stream.  So the hospital has this facility called Rapid Admission (at least, I think that’s what they called it.  It’s almost like a “staging area” where patients are babysat until a room comes available.  The only benefit here is to the hospital, in that it frees up an ER bed for those just arriving and not yet diagnosed.  So they haul him there.  This hospital is adding wings, remodeling, moving things all about, and oddly, where they are now putting these patients into a holding pattern used to be Labor and Delivery.  (at one point this evening, I had to call the children and tell them that “Pop” had been admitted to Maternity; that may have been the high point of the day)  And there you wait, still on one of those rock-hard Emergency Room gurneys that will make your back ache for a month.  I think we were in there for about 4-5 hours before bed in the right section opened up.  I stayed with him until he was settled into his Intermediate Care room, and then left, exhausted, well after 8pm.

One small good side of this whole ghastly day – while I sat for endless hours, and he dozed on and off all day, I worked on my Christmas socks, which I had thought wouldn’t be done before the Easter Egg Hunt.  Here’s a picture of the colorway when I was just starting.

the Christmas colorway from Lorna's Laces, just beautiful

Now I’m almost ready to turn the heels on 2 socks on 2 circs. 

As I drove home, tired and worried, all I could think of, though, was the holiday chore schedule that was now seriously F’d up, and would probably get worse over the next few days.  I still have cookies to bake, presents to wrap, the whole damn house needs cleaning.  And when I came into the house, it smelled like peanut butter cookies.

Thanks, baby.

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