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Honor and Service

On Tuesday, 02 October, 2007, it was my privilege to attend the Retirement Ceremony of a friend, celebrating his 25 years of honorable service in the US Air Force. The ceremony was held in the AMC Museum on Dover AFB. MSgt M finished his military career here in Dover, and he and his family leave tomorrow to begin another chapter, this time as civilians in Illinois.

Picture of John, just before the ceremony beginsHe and his wife exemplified what it is to be a “military family.” With honor, pride, and sorrow, they fly the black MIA flag in front of their home, because MSgt M’s father put on a uniform and went to Viet Nam and hasn’t returned. Next month, it will be 40 years since he was declared MIA in the service of his country. MSgt M excelled at all he did, served at many bases under many different commands, continued to make rank and set an example for younger troops to follow. Ms. M showed all the good a military wife can do, can be to her own family and to other military families. She was there for the Airmen’s Dinners, with a home-made cake and a covered dish; she was there for the squadron functions. Military deployments mean separated families and she was there to help the wives, when loneliness hit hard, when illness struck, when they just needed a break from the worry and responsibility of it all. She volunteered and organized, and watched kids when a wife was hospitalized while the husband was overseas. That’s just what military families do for each other. Years ago, I did it, too, and others did for me when I needed. But few did it as well as these folks.

John, it was an honor, sir. Deb, I miss you, friend.

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    […] One thing we did a few weeks ago was go down to the AMC (Air Mobility Command) Museum. I had been in it once for a USAF retirement ceremony of a friend; Pop had never been there. Originally, it was inside the base perimeter, but near the fence; with the increased security of a post-9/11 world, the museum is now accessible from the outside. The weather was misery, but ceased raining for a wee bit – we did the outside displays first.  This was a wise choice. […]