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A day at home

Had a lot of chores to do, and a very few of them got done.

The art of somersaulting was perfected, though.


Must admit that I took quite a few shots before they (and I) got the timing right.  Either the delay in the digital camera caused me to miss the perfect shot, or they simple weren’t timing their somersaults simultaneously.  But it was worth the wait.

And I never posted a picture of the dog after she got back from her day at the Fancy Dog Spa this week, so here’s Sophie:

Sophie just after a haircut

And my Knitpicks order came in, Swish Superwash, a worsted weight – Damn, those folks are fast.  I barely got it ordered and it was here.

KnitPicks yarn for sweaters??

The Indigo Heather is gorgeous, and Kate, the DD that loves almost all shades of purple, is happy with the color, and we are thinking Rogue???  She likes the Celtic look of the cabling.  Now, me, I chose the Merlot Heather, thinking it was reddish, and I like those colors.   I was thinking of one of the ZephyrStyle tops, raglan, top-down, no seams, wonderful tops, every one.  And I ordered 8 skeins, knowing that would be enough.  But when I got it, the Merlot was not the reddish shade that I expected; it was more of a brownish shade.  I liked it, probably as well as I would have liked the reddish shade.  Anyway, I looked at it over and over, and then I thought of Central Park Hoodie, and well, I didn’t have enough for that, so I better not think of it.  So I didn’t think about that for about 45 minutes, and then I thought of it again, and it ended up that I called KnitPicks back, and they had more in the same dye lot, and 5 more skeins are on the way!!! 

Now I’ve got work to do and swatches to knit!

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