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Behind Dover Downs


Behind Dover Downs, originally uploaded by Petunia509.

I knew they’d be here soon, because earlier this week I saw all the trash cans and port-a-potties popping up everywhere like mushrooms . This is a shot of the (formerly) open fields behind Dover Downs – you can see one of the grandstands in the background. Today, they started allowing folks to bring in their campers. It was like a stampede this morning! NASCAR is next weekend.

I spent some time today at Byler’s, which is a store that has everything.  Anything, and they probably have more than one!  I buy all my spices and seasonings out there in quantity, and it’s so much cheaper than in the local grocery chains that if I threw half of it out, I’d still be ahead.  You can get groceries there, kitchen goods, gift item, a flue pipe, yard furniture, and you can make arrangements to have a deck put on the back of your house.  Byler’s is wonderful, you always see people in there that you know, and you always spend more than you intended!!

And after I left there, I went on out to see oldest brother who is recuperating from surgery.  Apparently, one other “goodie” that runs in my family is faulty heart valves.  My mother had her aortic valve replaced in 1986, and now it was his turn.  One of the blessings here is that it was caught in time, and the procedure can now be done here in the local hospital in town.  When Mom’s was done, she had to go to center city Philadelphia.  I suppose it makes no difference to the patient but it sure is a lot easier, less stressful on the family members to have it done locally.  He is tired, more than he’d like, but it’s only been 2 weeks since the surgery.  This will pass; other than that, all is well there.

And I got to see sister-in-law, Judy, who is clearly multi-talented.  For years, the family has been so very proud of her talent as a writer, and celebrated when each book was published.  And now, for a hobby, she is designing and making jewelry.  I came home with a beautiful pair of drop earrings.  Nice day, nice visit.

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