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Blogging Hiatus?

It’s been way too long since I’ve written, but there’s a reason.  Had a lot of things to sort out, at least in my own head.

Hubby is always tired.  I mean ALWAYS!!  “How was your day, dear?” asks the wife when he walks in the door from work.  “Tired.”  That’s the answer I always get.  After a while it gets old, hearing it every day, and it starts to sound like whining.  “I worked hard all day” he says. —-  Well, duh, so does everybody else.  Geez, I can’t muster up a whole lot of sympathy when I’ve been up since 6am, worked all day myself, usually without even a break, stopped in the grocery store after work, came home to fix a dinner, eat, clean up the mess, and I’m still folding laundry into the night.  Admittedly, things have been a bit more hectic since the arrival of K and the boys last summer, and he does more here than before.  He is very active and attentive to the boys, and I admit – they take alot out of you. 

So then tired old boy gets what seems to be a cold, and it goes into his chest, and he feels miserable; all colds do that.  But his doesn’t ease up, go away.  So he finally tells me that he’s having trouble breathing, getting all out of breath way too quickly, and having trouble with it at work.  So I bitch and hollar and eventually shame him into going to see the doctor.  Doctor puts him on antibiotics, cough meds with codeine, and gives him an inhaler to ease the breathing.  And sends him for a CT scan of his lungs.  The damage from the old problem is still there (it won’t ever go away) and the emphysema has gotten considerably worse.  He now has to go in for a Pulmonary Function test again.  It’s been several years since he had one, and they will compare the results.  This is scary stuff and has had us both very concerned.  This is bad, and we both know it.

AND – as timing would have it, just a day or two before all this came out, I had gone to have my blood tests done, and just a few days after Hubby, I went in for my usual cholesterol follow-up appt.  My cholesterol numbers are really good (Total cholesterol of 149).  I take some pretty heavy doses of 2 different meds to keep it in that range, but it is working.  Then the other shoe drops.  What also showed up on the routine labs was a high blood sugar reading, into the range of Diabetes.  Apparently, there is a “You’re fine” range, a “Pre-Diabetes” range, and over that is a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.  I went from “You’re fine” to “Bingo!” since the last labs were done.  Now, admittedly, it’s just one test, and theoretically, the lab could have made an error.  But my mother had Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes AND I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy.  These 2 facts pretty much point to the accuracy of what’s happening here.   Doctor explained that standard procedure would be to take 2-3 tests, a few weeks apart, and average the results before declaring a diagnosis, but with me, he feels pretty certain that subsequent testing will confirm his suspicions.  I was told 26 years ago, when I was big as a house with K, and had a sugar count of 188, to expect this in my “later years.”

OK, where do we go from here.  Most common advice to newly diagnosed diabetes patients is to lose weight and get their blood pressure under control.  This usually reduces sugar counts for Type 2 patients.  Well, I don’t have a weight problem, never did, and I’ve never had high blood pressure.  I am off sugar – eeeesh.  Got some of that Splenda and my morning coffee is miserable.  I look at it and just want to pour it down the sink.  I am told to exercise more, that this may, in conjunction with decreasing the sugar intake, be enough to get the numbers down to a nicer level.  If not, I guess I’ll be taking more pills.  And we both have to go on Chantix to insure that we get off cigarettes and stay off.  We have to do this together; there’s no way either one of us could quit if the other was still smoking.

So I have a full plate here, and didn’t stop to blog.

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    Eesh! Good luck with everything! I’m here if you need.