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Finished the Mindless Forever Knitting Project!!!

Long, long ago (back in October) I started a blanket for Briley.  He had recently bought a condo, repainted most of it, did his bedroom in shades of blue.  And on one of his visits home, he made an offhand comment about chilly feet, about how “standard size” throws/afghans always come up short on him.  Of course, being 6’3″, most everything comes up short next to Bri, including me.  But blankets to snuggle in leave him with a difficult decision to make – keep the upper body warm or the legs and feet.  At his height, clearly not both!!  

So I bought lots of yarn, worked it on big needles (to get it done in this lifetime), stranded two shades of blue together to give it warmth and thickness.  And I knitted.  And I carried it to work many times, and I knitted while the TV was on in the evening.  It got so long that I had to stand up each time to turn it, to work the next row.  And still, I kept knitting.

Brian and his blanket

And finally, it’s finished.  This was determined by the fact that the end of the wool was in sight, and it’s close to 10 feet long!  Wee toes will remain warm.

As there’s no way I could block anything this size here at home, I did send it out to the local cleaners to have it done, and they did a great job.  The convenience was well worth the price.

another picture of Bri and his blanket

In this view, this hellishly long blanket is folded in half, top to bottom, with the fold up on top of my loveseat, top/bottom hanging down.  It is surely long enough, and I didn’t think I was going to live long enough to finish it!

3 Responses to “Finished the Mindless Forever Knitting Project!!!”

  1. Brian Says:

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    And I love it very, very much! Thank you Mommy! Mwuah!

  2. maz Says:

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    it looks beautiful

  3. Petunia Says:

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    Thank you, all.