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More Grandchildren

Jim and his 3 children stopped by yesterday.  The kids noticed that the neighborhood pool was open, and got antsy really quick.  I’m sure these two facts were related.  So Jim took them over to swim, and I followed with the camera.














Beautiful granddaughter Erica continues to remind me of Kate.  They resemble each other and obviously Erica is taking after Aunt Kate in her love of the water!  This one, too, may have gills under all that hair, something we’ve often wondered about with her aunt.

Chris and Erica















Erica is getting ready to toss Chris, the youngest one, and he is ready for the dunking he knows is coming!

Jon, child number 2











Here’s Johnny, Jim’s oldest son, loving being in the water and horsing around with the other two.  Glad the pool is available for them to enjoy!  I signed for them to have season passes to our pool, and I hope they come often.


2 Responses to “More Grandchildren”

  1. Brian Says:

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    Now, aren’t you glad you have plenty of grandkids to take pics of? They came out very cute.

    Also, have you finished season 3, yet? We’re waiting!!!

  2. Patricia.Seib Says:

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    Season 3 has been transferred to Kate’s hands. She says she will pass it to Laura on Wed, when she sees her. We are not done with it, but you seem to be going through them faster than we are – and I wanted to keep the 4-DVD set complete and together. If we have free time, we can watch the NoExp that you got me, or Paul can always work on the painting project.