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Update, long overdue

I am still alive, and have no bona fide reason for such a lack of posts.  I could come up with some thoughts that might be reasonable and understandable by other people with lives, and things to do other than sit with a laptop on their lap. But why bother? And I’m not going to make promises that the dry spell is over and posts will come regularly from now on. That’s just setting myself up on the edge of a high cliff, ready for the fall. (I also don’t do New Year’s resolutions, for the same reason!)

But the lack of of blogging has been bugging me lately, and maybe the main reason is simply that I’m paying for server space and not dependably using it!

In the interim, I have gotten older, torn my rotator cuff (didn’t know I had one til it started to hurt like hell!) (For those that still don’t know, it’s a muscle or tendon or something in your shoulder, and tearing it severely impacts movement  After 4 months of physical therapy 3 times a week, I have just about regained normal movement, except that I will never again hook a brassiere behind my back. I can live with that) Have welcomed a new granddaughter, after a 20-year dry spell on grandDAUGHTERS. I’m still working full time, but getting near the age where thoughts of retirement are in the air, or at least a reduction of hours per week. Not sure what I’m going to do about that yet, and the decision will probably be based on numbers, of monthly income and necessary outgo!   (I’d be willing to give up all the cable TV expense; husband would rather give up breathing)

My current “kick” is clutter reduction. This has always been an issue for me; however, the clutter still grows and parting with things is difficult for me. I’m not sure why.

I didn’t intend on working on that project yesterday. My thought was just to bake a damn cake. I remembered a trick my mom used to use, to save waste during all the years she lived alone. Making a full, 2-layer cake was just too much for her lifestyle, unless it was made for some occasion where guests were invited. Otherwise, she found herself eating cake every day, long after she was tired of it, just to avoid tossing it out, hard as a rock. Using a mix, she baked the 2 layers and immediately wrapped and froze one of them. Cut the other layer in half, frost one side, place the other half on top and finish with the icing. Half a cake, able to be eaten and finished while you’re still interested. A week or two later, she did the same with the frozen layer. As it’s just husband and me here now, this is the way to go.

HOWEVER, I haven’t baked a layer cake in years – mainly using a 9 x 13″ dish for most things. This meant digging to the back of the cupboard where baking paraphernalia is stored, to where the round cake pans had been shoved. And about 12,000 other things. As bending over doesn’t work well for any length of time at my age, I ended up sitting on the kitchen floor, pulling everything out, and trying to sort things. I found an unimaginable amount of Tupperware/storage containers – or, well, really, I found a lot of containers and a lot of lids; this gave me a good reason to toss many items. Clearly, I have more containers than space in the refrigerator and pantry to ever use them all at once. No reason to keep this many. I found 9 bread pans – some are metal, some glass, some are the “mini” size. And 8 springform pans for cheesecakes. They, too, are different sizes, from 12″ diameter down to tiny 4″ ones. (Daughter Kate, also known as The Cheesecake Queen, made a point of telling me that she has 2 9″ pans, that’s it. That’s all). While I probably don’t need that many pans, at least they “nest” together nicely and don’t take up any more storage space than the one large pan. I have 4 rolling pins and make lousy pie crust. Maybe I thought that buying a newer rolling pin would improve my skills??? I replaced my cookie press years ago with one that is much easier to use – why is the old still here?

End result was a very large trash bag full of stuff I don’t need to keep, and a much neater cupboard. And eventually, half a cake.

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