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Plans to be made, chores, crafting

Published on July 9, 2014

PLANS We are taking a vacation this summer, and this time, we’re going SOUTH, instead of our usual “North to the Poconos” each October. There’s a reason for this deviation from our normal routine. Actually, there are 6 reasons. We’ll be driving further, be away longer, burn more gas,  kennel the dog for so long […]

A week to relax

Published on October 23, 2012

We headed north on Friday, through a horrible rainstorm. Glad I didn’t waste money taking the car through the car wash! A stop at the Allentown Plaza filled us up midway and we arrived up here at about 230p, too early to check in. Fortunately, a bar at the hotel complex allowed us to while […]

Traveling day

Published on January 29, 2012

It started well. Had just about everything ready to go last night before I went to bed. Always a few last-minute things that can’t be packed up until morning, cosmetics and such out of the bathroom, medicines, items that are on a charger all night. After getting something to eat, a cup of coffee, taking […]