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Veggies are us!

  • Healthier lifestyle.
  • Drop a few pounds.
  • Tired of eating the same things, over and over.
  • Tired of cooking the same things, over and over.
  • Drop a few pounds. (Yes, it bears repeating!!)

So it all starts with the waistline, and dieting ideas from several sources, and then, I remembered some of the vegetables my Mom used to make when I was a kid, especially those that I wouldn’t eat! I’ve learned that things I disliked when I was little aren’t so bad after all! Not sure whether it’s because my tastes have changed, or I’m more willing to experiment, or I’m finally realizing that a diet of pasta and cookies has done nothing positive for my weight or sugar levels.

SO… I remembered Acorn Squash, often served when I was little – I figured they probably still exist and would be readily available. And oddly, I remembered how Mom fixed them!! It’s odd that I can’t remember whether I paid the electric bill this month, but remember how Mom cooked a vegetable in 1958!

There are only 2 of us here – I bought one acorn squash, about 5″ in diameter. With a very sharp, sturdy knife, cut squash from top (stem) to bottom. This requires pounding down on the damn thing repeatedly because it is seeming hard as granite. DO NOT PUT FINGERS UNDER KNIFE BLADE.

half squash

Inside the squash – it’s like looking into a pumpkin. Remember – before you carved them for Halloween, you had to get all the yucky stuff out, seeds, stringy stuff. Use a tablespoon and scrape it all out.

Then, put the halves cut-side down into a microwave-safe dish filled with about an inch of water. Microwave about 10 minutes on full power. Caution – it will be very hot!

squash in the dish

Mom used to put them into the oven {back in the day), but because they are so hard, they’d need to spend a bit of time in there to become soft. I don’t remember how long, but I’m sure an approximate time would be available on the internet) Use the microwave – it’s quicker!

Put about half a stick of butter, cut into small pieces, into a serving bowl. Using a kitchen towel to protect your hand from the heat, use a tablespoon to scoop out the pulp (which will quickly melt the butter).

Scoop out the pulp

Add salt and pepper, about a tablespoon of brown sugar (or 2) AND a generous handful of shredded Parmesan cheese!!

Some of us like a little bit more of the Parmesan

Mix thoroughly, and it’s ready to serve. I have put the bowl back in the microwave to reheat to a serving temp, if needed.

What amazes me is that, when I was little, I totally refused to eat this – and now I love it, would eat it 3 times a week!

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