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Making progress???

Things are changing around here and the changes are good. Except for the freezing cold temperatures and the damn snow. Long-term changes work best, I think, if they start slowly, grow slowly – or at least, I think they have a better chance of becoming a permanent improvement. I’m too old to waste time starting great ideas things that I later just give up on. I am aware that there’s a big weaving loom in the front bedroom, unused in years, taking up space. Can you tell that I’m muttering to myself – again???

SO – we are both off cigarettes for over 3 months now. That continues.

Techie fool that I am, I bought a “Fitness Tracker” wrist band (Jawbone UP24), downloaded it’s app to my cell phone, linked it to a food intake/calorie counter/exercise app (My Fitness Pal). I’ve started parking at the far side of the lot at work, increasing my steps in and out each day. I’ve driven past the community’s mailboxes, and walked back later! (Will do this more often if the temperatures ever go up above “bone shattering.”) I’ve set a daily goal of steps, and admittedly, it isn’t high. I have a sit-down job, and in order to keep that job, I can’t just randomly go off on walks throughout the day. Had a few successful indoor walks through the grocery store, making sure I went up and down every aisle and didn’t overload the cart with items I didn’t need.

I had a financially disastrous walk at the Mall last weekend. I went just for a haircut, then thought I’d walk all the way to the other end of the mall and back. Had I done only that, I’d have been fine. BUT Victoria’s Secret was having a sale; so was Christopher and Banks. I’ve been really good about staying out of the stores lately, but dropped my resistance for the day. You would, too, if you saw this sweater. Or this one. Or this little top.


I should have stayed out of Boscov’s, but didn’t. Many “seniors” use the Mall for walking/exercise – Mom told me that years ago. It’s climate-controlled and safe. But I think they go into the Mall early, before the stores open. I can see the reason for that. Now.

Husband was looking over my shoulder, at the wrist band and the program that displays my progress. As he has a job where he runs about like a headless chicken, he commented that he probably would log 5 times the number of steps as me. In short order, I was searching eBay for a band in his size, basic black. And he’s using it!  Recording what he eats and bragging about the amount of steps he takes (about 8 times my norm!!) It also tracks the amount and quality of sleep. Guess the true value of all this information is in what you do with it. Again, we’re talking about changes here. I’m walking more; he’s eating more, and gradually, we are both sleeping better.


Oh, damn. It’s snowing again.

Guess I didn’t see it at first, because the whole back yard is white, and the sky is the same color. Makes new falling snow hard to see!

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