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Got through January!

I hate the cold, have always hated it – well, I was OK with snow when I was in grade school, and it often meant a “snow-day.”  Since then, though, it holds no allure for me. I’m not into winter sports – perhaps that’s why I never liked football that much, knowing I’d kill myself before I would sit for 3+ hours in the freezing cold. The air temperatures in Fort Lauderdale suited me much better than the 16°F we woke up to this morning. I also hate the need to drive when the roads are bad – which, of course, leads one to wonder why I always work at jobs that are 24/7 operations, and critically necessary. Maybe I should have looked for work at an elementary school; here in Delaware, they cancel school over possible storms that never even materialize, and close early when we’ve only got rain.


Still off the cigarettes, both of us. Coming up on 3 months.

At a routine check-up with my doctor this week, he applauded the fact that I had lost another 3 pounds. I learned a valuable lesson with the last attempt at quitting smoking, when I switched habits from cigarettes to candy and French Vanilla Cappuccino in a 24-oz cup every day, thus adding a whole lot of extra weight that I didn’t need. It’s well known that recent quitters often gain weight, and I was damn determined not to let it happen twice!

To that end, I’m currently using 2 apps/devices. My Fitness Pal is an app on my cell phone, and available online. I use it to log what I eat and drink and also log any exercise. It’s easy to use, has a huge database of foods and ingredients, allows you to enter your own recipes, tracks calories, cholesterol, sodium, fats, protein. It even reads bar codes on containers.  For me, it was the “accountability” factor that I liked. I’ve made sure that I log everything, even that bowl of ice cream that I couldn’t resist. I immediately know when I’m doing well, and when I’ve screwed it up for the whole day! But I start again with the new day and try to do better.

The other techie device I’m using is the Jawbone UP24. There are quite a few step trackers available out there, and I chose this one because it also tracks sleep, showing the time it takes to fall asleep each night, how many times I wake up during the night and for how long, and the lengths of both deep and light sleep. The wristband automatically sync’s to the app (called UP) on my cell phone and also links to My Fitness Pal. It’s certainly made me aware of how the sedentary job affects me physically. I’ve set a low goal of daily steps, one that I have to think about to accomplish each day, but not do a dramatic lifestyle change. The daily goal can be altered, increased. When the weather warms, I’d like to get out and walk more. If this little item encourages me, and reinforces the effort I need to make, I’m hoping I’ll continue. I’m also looking at an app called Map My Walk that may prove to motivate me. As I understand it, it links up to the GPS on the cell.

Wish me luck!!

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