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2015 – The Year of the Sheep


The Year of the Sheep is something a knitter/spinner should celebrate – and I’ve already got enough yarn and fiber here to do a credible job at that. So much so that it continues to be a storage issue. I have to knit more/faster, spin more, and buy less. I hope this doesn’t have an effect on the world’s economic situation. Guess that’s my first resolution for the new year.

Another is to continue with the Quit Smoking initiative we’re doing now. I know – I did this before – and was off the damn things for 5 1/2 years. I can come up with a few “reasons/excuses” as to why I relapsed (husband still smoking, job stress, trying to “shame” him into quitting) the bottom line is that it was my own stupid choice. I can’t blame Himself, but he is damn stubborn, and it’s taken me this long to convince him that I need to quit again, he needs to quit, for health reasons, for financial reasons. As we approach retirement years, I don’t want to drag this expense into a reduced income. And I knew I’d have a better chance of permanently quitting if we both did it together. It required doctor appointments for both of us to get the medication that I used last time, and effective November 11, Veteran’s Day here, we are both smoke-free. We’re still on the meds, and our doctor recommends staying on them for at least 3 months, perhaps longer. Fortunately, our insurance is covering the entire cost!

The savings will be great, when they finally hit my checkbook – oh, we’re not buying cigarettes anymore, and that expense is out of the budget, but I put a few things onto my credit card, and first, the saved funds go to pay that off.  We had a trip south to see daughter and family in August, had a “tire incident” on the way home (while doing 75 mph on I-95) which required buying a used tire in Someplace, South Carolina, and a new set of 4 very shortly after arriving safely home. Then Himself’s truck had a tire with an ugly bulge, and we replaced all of his tires. Then the holiday spending.    And as a holiday gift, he bought me a Nikon! I chose the D5300 model, and of course, it’s red!

New Nikon D5300

It came with an 18-55mm lens, and I added a 55-300mm, a battery pack which carries an extra charged battery and also is designed to give me another shutter button for taking pictures in “portrait” aspect. Gave it a workout with the kids/grandchildren here at Christmas, and when we took the twins to a museum a few days later. I’m sure I’ll be using it even more when the weather warms – in the meantime, I’m learning, playing with the controls, checking out all it can do.

Any other resolutions??  Yeah, a few are wandering about in my head. Things to do here at home, things to make our life better. Should blog more, but I make no promises.

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