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I read the first book, Outlander, shortly after it was published in 1991, and anxiously awaited each successive book Diana Gabaldon wrote.  Must admit that while I had a new one in progress, not much got done around the house.  Read the first six books as they came out – but by then I was doing so much craft work, knitting and spinning. I bought #7, but am ashamed to say that I didn’t immediately sit down and read it. And there were a lot of things going on in my life! When I knew that #8 was coming out this past June, well, it had been so many years since I read the first one – and there was that one unread —  so after Christmas, I started re-reading the whole series from the beginning. For those who aren’t fans, these are big books, thick books, big stories. I wanted to refresh my mind on the older ones and read #7 before the most recent one came out. Life being what it is, I was still in #7 when Written in My Own Heart’s Blood was released. I’m reading it now.


Last night, STARZ released the first episode of the series they made.  As Husband also read the first few books, we watched it together – and both thought they did a fabulous job bringing this book to the screen – well, we’re sure the initial show was excellent!! My DVR is already programmed to record the entire series.

If there’s anybody left on the planet that hasn’t read this series, I suggest you start now – you have some catching up to do.

Getting ready for a trip Husband and I are going to take – which means I’m sitting on my arse, thinking of all the stuff that needs to be gathered, packed up and hopefully, gotten into my car before we leave. Himself never lets me forget the time we went camping up in central PA and I didn’t bring out my suitcase until after he assumed all our gear was in the back of my old green Jeep (Oh, Toad, I still miss you). We did not discover the error until after we arrived, and still argue about debate whose fault it was. Having this in my past, getting ready to leave for any destination further away than Wal-Mart makes me nervous! I know it’s a given that I will forget at least 2-3 things; the only thing up in the air now is what those items will be. My medications? Gifts we’ve bought? Cameras? Purse with money, credit cards, driver’s license inside? Not taking a spinning wheel on this trip and Husband was thrilled with that – too many small fingers where we’re going. However, before he really got to celebrate the fact that he wouldn’t have to deal with my small wheel that only weighs about 15 lbs, daughter asks us to bring down the cradle. Hand-made (by my older brother when I was pregnant in 1979), solid mahogany, large, heavy. I love it, but clearly have no need of it anymore, and more of an issue, really don’t have the room here. She has more space, and did take many a nap in it herself. I’m sure Himself won’t forget his golf clubs, regardless of how much space they take.

Daughter, I will be bringing a new bathing suit, exchanged after I bought that first one, that I somehow got into, but couldn’t get out of without assistance. Could barely move or breathe until Himself came home, 3 hours later, and extricated me.  Daughter suggested scissors, made references to sausage casings, but swore she wasn’t laughing. I love her to the moon and back, but I think she was lying about that. I’m really glad I didn’t try it on in the store.

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