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Random thoughts

This post will really “ramble” because I’m too tired to think coherently. Fine.

My husband dislikes having to be at work at 7:00 am – well, really, he dislikes getting up at 5:30 in the morning especially when he realizes that he is not safe holding anything sharp near his throat at that hour, but is required to shave. He also has a habit of  leaping out of bed immediately as the alarm clock starts to ring. Now I’m not saying he is wide-awake and alert, but he’s on his feet quickly and moving. Always. During the night, he got up to “use the facility” and for reasons unknown, thought the alarm had gone off. He proceeded out to the kitchen and hit the button to start the coffee pot which is always set up the night before as neither one of us is capable of doing more than pushing the button in the morning. He noticed, and thought it was rather odd, that both the clock on the stove and the microwave said 1:12 am, but apparently did not have the sense to look out the damn window and see that it was still the dead of night. He wondered if there had been a power failure while we slept and did not draw the obvious conclusion that a power failure would have also affected the electric clock on his night table. Fortunately, he realized that he is a moron the error of his ways before an entire pot was brewed, shut it off and came back to bed. He went through this whole scenario again at 5:30. Not sure what woke me up. Was it his mumbling and bumbling about, or the dog barking to be let outside? I finally gave up flopping around in the bed like a fish out of water, and got up shortly after. So my day off, my day when I can sleep in, started about 5:45. I poured myself a cup of coffee, but as it’s only a 12-cup pot, there was not enough there to really make this all better.

There’s only one thing good about mornings, aside from the coffee.

Morning Glory

I remembered to put the laundry, that I left untended last night, into the dryer.

At one point this morning, I thought to clean myself up and change my clothes to go to Wal-Mart!

I have already shredded enough documents this morning to fill the shredder. I need to get into the habit of doing this on a daily basis. I know that. I’ve cleared a good amount of clutter off the table.

One night this week, I went to Kohl’s with the sole intent of picking up a nice summer-y purse, to take with  me on our up-coming trip. I assumed they would all be on sale this time of year, and was correct. I swear that was the only reason that I went in there. As usual, it was not the only item I carried out of the store. This happens a lot in the grocery store, too. Can’t go in there and only buy the gallon of milk that I need.  Found 2 nice summer tops to add to my over-flowing collection. I can not walk past interesting prints.

Black White Tan pring

And there was the one with black, white and a bright pink that leaped into the damn cart. And the bright pink cotton knit dress. And the bathing suit. And the two toys for small children. And I remembered to get a purse. And they were ALL on sale!

Summer Purse

In my spare time, when I’m not out spending money that should be left in the bank, I’m knitting a pattern called Allegro, a top-down sweater. Instead of the usual waistline shaping decreases that I mis-calculate every time, it has an interesting, small cabling motif, center-back, that pulls that area in a bit. I do like the “all in one piece” construction, as I hate seaming; the down-side, this time of year, is that a lot of wool is in my lap while I work on it. Mostly, it’s miles of stockinette, mind-less, which is relaxing.

When I remember the rest of the stuff I meant to post today, well, I’ll just write another post.


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