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I’m not going to make firm Resolutions. That just sets me up for failure. But this is a good time of the year to look at one’s life and see what’s good, what’s not (and the wisdom to know the difference) and decide what, if any, changes can reasonably be made. This is the time to point oneself in the right direction, being aware of past mis-steps, holes to avoid falling into again – and keeping firmly in mind what benefits would come from altering one’s course. I see areas that are not really “bad” but could certainly be improved.

  1. I have “yarn issues,” and collect yarn with the fervent zeal that my husband has for movies, even for the dumbest movies ever made. As I am up to my armpits in yarn now, and have a lot of fiber to spin, thus creating  more yarn, I really need to stay out of yarn stores, avoid yarn sites, stop getting such a thrill out of the aquisition of more yarn and damn it, use what’s already bought and paid for. Expected benefits are that I will clear out the space all this yarn is taking up, put money to other uses that would be deemed more sensible/acceptable by said spouse and reduce my daughter’s inheritance substantially. (She’s a “yarnie,” too)
  2. Stop buying more clothes when I already have more than enough to literally go weeks without doing laundry, with the exception of socks and undies. I thought about using the Reward system here, to keep me on track, like the way you give a puppy a treat when it pees in the yard. As I’ve gained a bit of weight over the past few years, I thought, Maybe I could treat myself to a new outfit or two if I lost, say, 20 pounds? And then I remembered that I already have almost a complete wardrobe 2 sizes smaller than I am now, from that past life when I didn’t look slightly pregnant which, at my age would be a horror or a miracle, depending on how you look at things.
  3. Go through current clothing stash and toss what’s not being worn. You know, those items that seemed like a necessary purchase when in the store, but not so much after I got them home. Those items that fit rather close in the middle and thus act like a neon flashing sign that points directly to the figure problem.
  4. Reduce the knick-knack clutter in my home. I do not like to dust, and they simply serve to advise anyone that comes in the door that this is so. Keep the ones that have very special significance, keep anything that is cobalt blue or looks like a sheep. Find another home for the rest – Kate, do you want the collection of 1980’s Artesania Rinconada figurines???? I’ve been hauling them around since 1981 or so!
  5. Gotta get serious about the weight gain, gotta stop eating the wrong things, gotta quit an ugly old habit again, gotta realize that knitting and talking are not sufficient exercise, gotta “Move it, Move it, Move it” as they said in the cute cartoon-movie the kids used to watch.
  6. Need to work on quality time in the marriage, as opposed to just sitting in the same room, me knitting or typing, him watching whatever on the TV. Maybe I could suggest a night or two a week without the TV on, but I better have him checked by a cardiologist first. It would also be required that I get off the laptop.
  7. I’ve been reading more since I got my Kindle, and I’m enjoying it very much. Was always an avid reader, since childhood when I rode my bike to the library in the next town over (our little town didn’t have it’s own library then, and maybe still doesn’t!) and filled the bike basket with books every week. I’ve been a steady customer in the libraries of all the places I’ve lived, and always took kids with me.  I’ve done handcrafts, too, embroidery, cross-stitch, quilting and such over the years, but still kept up with the reading. The last few years, though, since I’ve been knitting so much, I slacked off on the reading. I’m glad I’m back into it, and wish to continue. Even created a page here on the blog with the books I read, and it’s somewhat complete. I forgot to note the names of the library books, and they are returned and now I can’t remember the titles!
  8. I also slacked off on my photography and I miss it. Didn’t do as much this year as I usually do, money diverted elsewhere and not on getting out, seeing new things to capture as much as I’d like. Maybe I could combine this with the “quality time” issue listed above!
  9. I need to learn more about Windows 8 operating system. It just seems so different, so odd, so unfamiliar, so annoying to not know exactly what to do and how to do it. I am flummoxed every time I boot up my new laptop.   (I’m back on the old one now!!)
  10. There are some other areas in our lives that may have some changes this coming new year, and I’ll get into that if and when things actually happen!

Well, I’ve some ideas here, and a whole year to work on them. Have a lot of things to let go of, and many other things to hold close. And some challenges coming up.

Happy New Year to all.

May the best of all things come to all of us.

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