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Passing thoughts

Many things run through my head every day. Most are not worth noting, or would be troublesome in some way if I spoke them out loud.


  • Some people should not wear 2-piece bathing suits. Picture in your head those old movies with the galley ships and the oarsmen. Picture the guy in the back loudly beating a big drum, keeping time for the ones who were rowing. Now picture my husband yesterday, at the pool, making those drumbeat noises as he watched a women about the size of my freezer walk by in a Size 4 (maybe) bikini. Bam, bam, bam as it all went from side to side. Picture me trying to make him be quiet. Picture me trying to hide my laughter.
  • I bought a bathing suit tonight. It is a 2-piece suit, but the style is such that essentially, it appears to be a one-piece. The bottom looks like short shorts and the top comes down and over the bottom part so that no belly is showing in the middle. The main difference between this style of swimsuit and a 1-piece swimsuit becomes obvious when you have to pee. The middle of me is not the same Size 4-6 middle that I had for many years that my daughter borrowed and isn’t giving it back and it’s just not that appetizing appropriate to show it anymore.  Those 3 kids that each weighed in at around 9 pounds didn’t do the muscle structure much good and I’ve been using that excuse for a long damn time. The problem is not childbirth; it is ice cream.
  • I spent enough in Kohl’s tonight to qualify for $20 of free spending next week – guess I’ll have to go back.
  • When the vehicle you are driving is the size of a roller skate, you should not change lanes directly in front of, and almost under, a tractor trailer. Do not believe that old saying about “stop on a dime.” They can’t. The only thing smart about that car, it’s driver and passenger that I saw today was written on the back of it.

  • There are good ways to leave a military base. Slowly. Respectfully. As you’re coming through the Main Gate and heading north on the ramp to get onto Route 1, you should be picking up speed to merge onto the highway. I know this because I did it 5 days a week for 13 years of employment, and countless other times I was on base. Today, I realized the wrong way of exiting the base.

This is near the Post Office on Base. It used to be a motor home, until it apparently lost it’s grip on the roadway and careened through the base’s perimeter fence. The AF takes a dim view of “uninvited guests.”

  • It messes with their security! And I heard the traffic was backed up through Little Heaven and on down to Frederica. Fortunately, there were only minor injuries.
  • I like the flavored “sparkling” waters at Walmart. Currently drinking the strawberry and Pop likes the peach, and we’re buying them by the case.  I just bought a couple of bottles of Black Cherry to try it. But is all this ecologically horrible? All those plastic bottles?
  • I would rather knit than do housework.
  • It shows.
  • Invited to a 4th of July party. Need to bring a covered dish. I’m thinking something easy. May get cucumbers and do them with sour cream like Mom always did. Easier than peeling all those effing potatoes like I did for years and years. Do you know how long it takes to peel and slice 15 lbs of potatoes??????

2 Responses to “Passing thoughts”

  1. Kate Says:

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    I’m wearing a size 10 now, just so you know.

  2. petunia Says:

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    Fat ass. I’ll save mine for ya!!