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Random pictures, taken in the last 6 weeks

I found some pictures while searching through my hard drive for something else, and I can’t remember what I was looking for to start with. This is not unusual for me.


Gift I got for birthday/Mother’s Day from Number One Son. He knows I’m a camera freak; have more cameras than I need; always looking at more or at accessories or upgrades or places to take more pictures, and otherwise annoying folks nearby. This is what he chose for me. Thoughtful guy. I take the lens hood and cap off every morning – and pour my coffee into it.


Silly signs I saw in a shop on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Paul liked “Nuttier than a squirrel turd.”


An effort’s being made to re-seed the natural grasses at the beach, so the beach stays put. Big signs are in the sand that request folks “Keep off the grass” to give the little seedlings a chance to do what they are intended to do. Hope it works!


Did I post any pictures of the shit-ton of yarn that I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool on 05 May?  Are these my colors or what???





Uh, more Bugga! How can you not buy Bugga!

Thanks, Gryphon. Great seeing you again!


One day a few weeks ago, we took the dog to Tidbury Creek Park, right here in Dover. I wandered off with a few cameras, and found this spot. Almost slid down into the mud and water.

Ok, I’m done now. I’m tired of looking through them. So are you.


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